Photo Courtesy of Julie Staub

Photo Courtesy of Julie Staub

How can I get involved as a property owner?

As a property owner in Downtown, you hold the keys to many projects. Without your interest, support, and permission, there would be no home for the murals, installations, and performances that add life, value, and character to our community.

By providing space for art, you become the foundation from which our local arts economy can flourish. It is an opportunity for your property and tenants to become leaders in the arts and engines of vitality in Downtown Iowa City. 

Additionally, artists serve as creative problem solvers. Maybe your property has had chronic graffiti or vandalism problems, maybe the wood or masonry needs a fresh coat of paint, maybe you were looking at installing lighting to increase safety around your property – linking these challenges with creative problem solvers is a win-win-win, providing work for local artists, a public gift for the community, and turning your liabilities into assets. We can connect you with artists and designers who can provide value to your investments.

If you are interested raising your hand (or tentacle) and working with the Iowa City Public Art Project to become an integral part of the local arts economy by volunteering your property as a public art opportunity, please reach out via the contact page and we will get you on the map.